CSDA Internet Radio

Creation Seventh Day Adventist Internet Radio broadcasts online 24/7 with inspirational, educational, and spiritual programming.

Please see below for a program schedule. If the in-browser player above does not work, please click here to listen now on ShoutCAST, or visit us on Radionomy!

  • Letters to Rachel pt. 1 - The Fall of an Archangel (mp3)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 2 - The Seduction in Eden (mp3)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 3 - The Patience of the Saints (mp3)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 4 - The Avatar of YAHWEH (mp3)
  • "Babylon is Fallen" - Kathy Slater
  • Crucified Afresh! (mp3)
  • Pastor John Marik's Testimony (mp3)
  • Denominational Appeal (mp3)
  • The Trademark Name (mp3)
  • The Reformation (mp3)
  • We'll Build on the Rock - Ann Meeker
  • The Sanctified Life (mp3)
  • Creation vs. Evolution (mp3)
  • The Faith of Jesus (mp3)
  • An Hundred and Forty-four Thousand - Kathy Slater
  • The Final Warning (mp3)
  • God is our Refuge and Strength - Kathy Slater
  • The Great Rock (mp3)
  • Heart of Unity (mp3)
  • A Mighty Fortress is our God - Kristi Oostdyk
  • Individuality in Religion (mp3)
  • The Intercessor (mp3)
  • The Martyrdom of Polycarp (mp3)
  • Precious Promises of God (mp3)
  • Remember the Sabbath Day - Kathy Slater
  • The Sabbath Rest Principle (mp3)
  • The Victory (mp3)
  • The True Family (mp3)
  • True Liberty (mp3)
  • The Two Trees (mp3)
  • Give unto the Lord - Kathy Slater
  • Eight Laws of Health (mp3)
  • A Shelter in the Time of Storm - Ann Meeker
  • Living Foods and Natural Law (mp3)
  • The Marvelous Banana (mp3)
  • Sugar and Dairy Products (mp3)
  • Who Needs Supplements (mp3)
  • Vitamin B12 2000 Report (mp3)
  • Questions and Answers - The Ten Virgins (mp3)
  • The Three Angel's Messages (mp3)

  • Blue - Special music
  • Purple - Part of the "Abundant Health 4 U" series
  • Green - Part of the "Inspiration 4 U" series
  • Black - General programming
  • Red - Seventh-day Adventist specific programming

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